I am a rock climber from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. I started climbing after a career as a professional horse trainer. I dedicated myself to the equestrian world until 2007, when I suffered from an injury that no longer allowed me to ride full-time.

Prior to my injury I lived in Europe for 4 ½ years and in the US for 2 years, coming back home once in a while to give clinics, judge competitions, and train both horses and riders for competitions. I also competed nationally and internationally during that time.


Following the injury, I came home and went back to school. I started hiking a lot in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and around Quebec. After bagging several peaks and completing multiple long hikes, I travelled to South America, then to Northern India and Nepal to ascend more summits.

To be able to reach higher peaks, I felt I needed to learn technical climbing skills. I first got introduced to ice climbing, then to rock climbing in 2010. Climbing quickly took over my life. I consider myself primarily a sport climber, but I strive to be a well-rounded climber.