Canadian Difficulty Nationals 2017 – Wrap-up

I was psyched that Lead Nationals were on my side of the country this year, about 1:30 drive from home. Going out west for a comp at the end of May this year wouldn’t have been an option, simply because I was on the last stretch of 4 months of full time internships at the local hospital, in addition to studying for finals and finally bring this degree to completion.

Nationals this year definitely were interesting, so to say. Qualification routes were great, both being a completely different style. I qualified for semis the next day, and was excited to see what the setters had prepared for us. After 6 months of solid training under various training program, I was ready to fight and give my very best on this route.

Q1 at Difficulty Nationals, Canyon Escalade, Montreal, 2017. Picture by Ken Chow.

Things turned out to be slightly different. As I set for the next move after clipping the fourth quickdraw, I asked myself for a split second if I really was climbing on a semi final route at Nationals or on a height contest somewhere on a bouldering wall. I did my best on the route, but due to factors out of my control, I wasn’t able to show anything close to what I was capable of. This specific move ended up being a funnel move low on the route for many competitors, which was disappointing for a good number of strong competitors. It certainly wasn’t the best show ever for the crowd either...

Some people argue that since a few of us want to climb at Lead World Cups, we should be prepared for such a hard move right off the ground. All what I can say about that from what I have seen last summer in Europe is that hard moves right off the ground at the international level generally means tricky sequences that you simply cannot mess up or correct if you have it wrong, that’s all.

The focus is on in semis. Picture by Ken Chow.

I just finished up my laboratory medicine program and found a job in Montreal, which I am really excited about. The start date for this new job actually was mid-June. But a few days before, I fell from the top of a boulder problem in the gym right on the edge of a mat that was sticking out, so my starting date got delayed by a grade II ankle sprain...

Therapeutic taping artwork by Magda Marszalik, physiotherapist and climber.

However, I am really glad to have a great physiotherapist who is helping me recover fast. I am extremely grateful for her professional and proactive cares. With her help, I should be able to get going very soon ;)

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