World Championships, Paris 2016: late wrap-up

I wrote this post about the World Championships in Paris at the end of September, but it seems like other things got in the way between now and then, since I finished it up and I posted it today...

First qualifier, Paris 2016 (by Shane Murdoch)

I was satisfied on how my first qualifier route went. I felt fluid and confident on the route, and fell going into a dynamic move.

My second qualifier didn’t go as well, and it’s the route that cost me a lot in terms of ranking. The start went smoothly, I felt solid and I found a shallow kneebar to briefly rest before entering a hard sequence on the route.

Brief rest on my second qualifier (by Sheila Farrell McCarron)

While taking my kneebar out, I caught a bad sloper with the right hand, and I had to shift my weight to the left and my feet far to the right in order to get the best angle to hold that hold. While trying to make this weight and feet shift, the sloper slipped out of my hand. I came off disappointed, but at least there were no silly mistakes like I did on some of the routes during my three first World Cups in Europe in July this year.

Sharing thoughts with Alannah on our respective routes (by Shane Murdoch)

We were 75-80 women in qualifications, and I finished 67th. I was far from going in the semi-finals (the first 26 went), but in the end I fought, and, above everything, I enjoyed this all. I felt like this was my best event so far at the international level. The atmosphere in the arena was amazing, filled with beautiful energy!

The setting of the competition in the AccorHotels Arena (by Shane Murdoch)

In sum, I am satisfied with my experience at the World Championships. As this was my first season at the international level, I entered all of these competitions with the mindset of learning and developing as a competitor. I may not have reached my goals in terms of placement, but I have learned a lot from being there and observing other competitors. I am definitely extremely grateful to have experienced this all!

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