Cobbles’ Land

Slowly waking up with the sunrise. Flipping through the guidebook, while sipping on coffee. A new climbing area often means too many crags to choose from, and lots of inspiring routes to try. After driving about 3,800 km in three days, we arrived in Maple Canyon, Utah a few days ago.


Ben entering one of Maple Canyon's most striking formations, Box Canyon, a dead-end gorge so narrow in places a person can touch both walls at the same time.

The long drive was rewarded with beautiful rock formations and scenery. The rock walls in the canyon are filled with thousands of imbedded cobblestones that range from finger-sized to ones the size of a small car, which makes every climb in this canyon very unique.


So far, we have focused on onsighting or rapidly send routes at different crags, in order to get used to the cobblestone textures and prepare for the harder routes at Pipe Dream and at The Compound, two impressive sectors boosted with challenging lines.

With an elevation of about 2000 meters, Maple Canyon certainly is a great place to climb in the summer, as long as you stay in the shade of the narrow canyons. Down the hill in the sun, temperature average around 35 degree Celsius!

Tomorrow some very steep climbing is awaiting for us in Pipe Dream. More to come on the climbing there in a couple of days!

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